Guided Star is a holistic marketing consultancy. Tim Brady & associates specialize in promoting those creating a better world. Key clients include Practitioners of the Holistic Healing Arts, Non-Profits & businesses with enlightened practices. More About Us

The Yoga of Marketing. Divinely inspired, authentic, and energetically pure. 

Together and in harmony with the Universe, it yields superior results.

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People Say

“ During the time we

worked with Tim’s

programs, we grew from

five to an 18-practitioner

wellness center  ”

“ Tim built practitioner

communities from

scratch and enabled an

atmosphere of mutual

support and growth  ”

“ Tim has excellent



tireless energy,

can see the broad view  ”

“ Tim's brilliance

comes from his soul

and extends outward

into his work . . .

and he's funny as shit  ”

“ His vision & ability didn't

just effect individual

businesses, but brought

people closer and helped

to build community  ”

“ The efforts

of Be Well,

without question,

grew the market

for holistic services  ”

“ Tim set standards

for excellence,


and innovation,

all with earnest warmth  ”

“ always impressed with

his willingness to grow,

to serve the greater good,

and his palpable

love for others  ”

“ He always shared


offering to

make himself

obsolete  ”

“ Tim Brady

has been a

brilliant light

for so many,

including myself  ”

“ Tim was a pleasure . . .

 easy to communicate

with and quick to respond

He went beyond

our expectations  ”

And while all of this

is really helpful,

it may be that

his intuition

is his greatest gift

“ He truly wants

to help people

grow their gifts . . .

Being in service is

something Tim lives ”

He offered opportunity,

guidance and fabulous

ideas – all of which

helped to expand

my business’ visibility

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The funny thing is how much I’ve had to down-edit the article.

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